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Malevich, Kasimir Biography


Was a Russian artist who, not content with Cubism, invented Suprematism and painted the picture which should have ended all abstract pictures - a white square on a white ground. It didn't. From c.1904 in Moscow Malevich was aware of modem French painting and about 1912 he went to Paris for a month, and came back a Cubist. He claimed to have invented Suprematism as a purer form of Cubism in 1913, but it was more probably in 1915. After the Revolution he had a violent disagreement with Chagall over aesthetics: Malevich was in Warsaw and Berlin in 1927, and once Socialist Realism had taken hold of the arts in Russia he returned to painting more conventional figurative works, but without much success.

Malevich’s famous oil paintings include:

  • Argentine Polka
  • Peasant Woman with Buckets and a Child
  • Morning after a Storm in the Country
  • Samovar
  • Lady at a Trolley Shop
  • Englishman in Moscow

View Malevich, Kasimir paintings here.

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