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Tony Motta, New York, USA (Norman Rockwell?s The Tatooists)

I would like you to know that we received the Norman Rockwell oil painting yesterday. We are very satisfied and impressed with the work of your talented artist – the attention to detail and brushwork is excellent. Thank you very much.

Werner Shultz, Bonn, Germany (Picasso’s Three Musicians)

We got the oil painting on Saturday, two days before my wife’s birthday. It is magnificent, a true work of art like I would see in a museum. I thank you for the care and attention you have given to me throughout as I was initially apprehensive about buying over the internet but with you there were no problems.

Candice O’Reilly, New Orleans, USA (Basquiat’s Molasses)

UPS delivered the Basquiat oil painting earlier today and I’ve been gazing at all morning. Simply put it’s stunning, so powerful, the colors are so vibrant and I can’t wait until my husband gets home to see it as he’ll be excited as I am. Thanks so much. I am so glad I bought you.

Bill Niemann, New Jersey, USA (Klimt’s The Kiss)

Thanks for your follow up email. Yes, I got ‘The Kiss’ oil painting last week. I’m very pleased, the raised gold paint looks fantastic, how does your artist do it? Took it to the local frame shop and the guy there couldn’t believe the price I’d paid for such a quality oil painting as he’d seen others at hundreds of dollars more! You are as good as your word and I’ll be ordering again from you soon.

Clare Walker, Derby, UK (Renoir’s After the Bath)

The impressionist oil painting is so very well done, I’m just going to have to order another oil painting from you straight away. After the incident I told you about when I foolishly bought a cheap reproduction oil painting from a one of the Chinese based websites (Ed. Name of website withheld) and had to send it back and then had trouble getting my money back, I was very apprehensive buying over the internet again. But your credentials checked out and now having seen your quality of painting and experienced your excellent customer care,  you’ve restored my faith and now I’m a true convert to buying art over the internet, well at least from you anyway.

Henri Legros Clermont Ferand, France (Degas’ The Dancing Class)

The Degas oil painting you did for me arrived successfully on the day you said it would. It’s a faithful copy and delightful to look at. I love it so much. I would like to thank you for your patience and advice, I am so happy that I listened to Jean-Claude’s recommendation to do business with you.


Wolfgang Schiller, Weisbaden, Germany (Lempicka’s Beautiful Rafaela)

Thank you for so promptly sending me the oil painting by Lempicka. The artist has done a very good job and your overall service was excellent. I am so satisfied that I have already recommended you to my friends who have visited me and  asked about the attractive oil painting that now hangs in my house.

Juan Lopez, Sitges, Spain (Dali’s The Three Ages)

Mucho gracias for the Dali oil painting. I’ve hung it in the reception hall of the hotel and it looks magnificent. Amazed guest’s keep asking staff if it is real, I’ve told them to answer by saying ‘Yes, it’s real oil painting!’

Neils Dandoy, Stravanger, Norway (Munch’s The Scream)

I write to thank you so much for Munch?s oil painting of The Scream. I am very pleased with the quality and fast delivery. Friends now think I have the original which was recently stolen from the museum, it is so funny to see their face when they see my Munch!!!

Hilde Van der Velde, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (Portrait)

The portrait oil painting arrived yesterday. The likeness is so exact, it looks so much like my husband, that I had to write and immediately congratulate your skilled artist. I now want the same artist to paint my sister and her husband and am attaching a photo of them.

Danny Johannson, Copenhagen, Denmark (Portrait)

Just a short note to let you know that my oil painting portrait arrived without a problem. I am very pleased with the portrait and with your professional service. Congratulations to your portrait artist.


Tory Branigan, San Francisco, USA (Portrait)

Hi, got the oil painting portrait of my dog. What can I say but awesome, awesome, totally awesome. Thanks a million, hugs to the fabulous artist. You guys really rock!


Carla Lucca, Minneapolis, USA (Portrait)

Just to let you know I got the portrait from UPS. When I opened the package and unrolled the canvas, I was totally bowled over, it is really beautiful rendition with great coloring and a true likeness to Eddy. Will I order again from you? You bet I will! 


Stuart Davies, Birmingham, UK (Portrait)

Hello, on her birthday yesterday I gave my wife the oil painting portrait of her that your artist had done and she was absolutely thrilled. It is such a close likeness and you have even captured that sparkle in her eyes that I love so much. Many, many thanks for helping make a special day extra special.


Lance Coverdale, Little Rock, USA (Portrait)

Hi, the oil painting family portrait arrived recently. It looks really amazing, your artist has done a wonderful job! I’m getting it framed and waiting until Christmas morning to unveil it to the rest of the family, I’m sure that they will be pleasantly surprised.


Chantal Lefebrve, Quebec, Canada (Monet’s Water Lily Pond)

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with your oil painting. Thank you so much also for the attentive customer service, I’ll visit your site again when I need another oil painting.


Michelle Brody, Darwin, Australia (Commissioned painting)
Hello, yes I think that the oil painting you sent is fantastic, the colours sing and the drawing is very accurate. How do you produce such quality at such a good price? I could never get something like this done in Australia for the price you charge. Very well done. Cheers.
Shirley Durham, Brisbourne, Australia (Sorayama Untitled)

This is an absolutely gorgeous oil painting. My husband loves it too. Very efficient service. I’m interested in selling your oil paintings through a local shop, please send me details how I can do this.

Luisa Balderi, Turin, Italy (Rivera’s Calla Lily Vendor)

Ciao, I have framed your oil painting and hung it in the lounge. All the family talks about how beautiful it is. Give my thanks to the marvelous artist, I wish I could paint like he does!

Nicole Lamar, Detroit, USA (Portrait)

The oil painting portrait is fantastic. Billie Jo thinks so as well. Your artist has captured a true likeness. Our family will treasure it for years to come.

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