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Ramos, Mel Biography


American painter, prominent in the Pop movement, specializing in representing figures, mostly taken from comics and pin-ups, in bold relief against a flat ground in a heraldic advertising manner. Recently he has also used typical landscape imagery drawn from postcards and posters, insisting always on the contrast between his plastic formulations and the real world. Ramos is a painter of provocative, powerful and memorable images.

Ramo’s famous paintings include:

  • Saucey
  • The Four Seasons: Summer
  • The Four Seasons: Spring
  • Phoenix: Ode to Moe #3
  • Tenerife: Ode to Moe #4
  • The Drawing Lesson #1
  • Rhubarb Ruby
  • Doggie Dinah
  • Martini Miss
  • Peek-a-boo Marilyn
  • Fonda
  • Velaquez Version
  • Plenti-Grand Odalisque
  • You Get More Salami with Modigliani #2
  • Toche Boucher
  • Manet's Olympia
  • The Four Seasons: Autumn
  • The Four Seasons: Winter

View Ramos, Mel paintings here.

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