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Portrait FAQs

1. Who paints my oil painting portrait?

A university trained, experienced artist who specializes in hand-painted oil portraits.

2. Can you paint half-body or full-body portraits?
Yes, but it will cost a little extra.

3. I don’t want a studio background, I want the same background as in my photo, can you do it?

Yes, but it will cost a little extra.

4. Can you paint my pet?

Yes, we have artists who specialize in painting dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits, in fact they can paint any pet portrait you want! Please contact for a quote.

5. Can you make a group portrait from several different photos?

Yes, we’ve done portraits containing family members from different generations, we’ve done composite portraits showing people as an infant, as a teenager and as an adult. We have no problems in composing portraits from several different photos. Please contact for a quote

6. How long does it take to paint my oil portrait?

Four weeks for a head-and-shoulders, studio background oil portrait unless you need revisions made.

7. Can I see my oil painting portrait before you ship it to me?

Yes, when your oil portrait is finished, we send you a digital photo. You can then request changes, only when you satisfied will we ship it to you.

8. What if I’m not 100% satisfied with my oil painting portrait when I receive it?

You can return it to us for changes to be made or you can opt for a full refund of the money you paid. See our Returns Policy.

For questions on payment, shipping, satisfaction guarantees and privacy, please see our general FAQ.

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