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Magritte, Rene Biography


Was a Belgian Surrealist painter who was trained in Brussels and traveled in France, Britain, Germany and Holland. Rene Magritte lived near Paris and came into contact with the French Surrealist movement, although he painted some Impressionist-style pictures during World War 2. Rene Magritte later lived in Brussels and painted murals for Belgian public buildings. His pale and dryly painted works have a dream-like clarity, with, frequently, an unexpected wittiness. They often have nude women, sometimes accompanied by men in bowler hats, and similar incongruities.

Rene Magritte’s famous oil paintings include:

  • Collective Invention
  • The Clearing
  • The Birth of the Idol
  • The False Mirror
  • On the Threshold of Liberty
  • Homage to Mack Sennett
  • Time Transfixed
  • The Tomb of the Wrestlers
  • The Domain of Arnheim

View Magritte, Rene paintings here.

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